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This painting is featured on the 2014 North Carolina Wildlife Resources Calendar.


While this mature wild turkey struts and displays, a young jake is tagging along watching his every move....


"THE APPRENTICE" is a piece that I hope everyone can relate to in some way. We all have people in our past that we looked up to...a parent, a coach, or maybe a teacher. It was somebody who had a positive impact on our lives. And I hope that many of us as adults have that special relationship with a child or young adult in which we are passing on positive character traits and good life skills. I hope this print reminds each of you of that special someone.


"THE APPRENTICE" is printed on heavy, museum-quality, acid-free paper stock and is approximately 19-3/4' wide by 14" high. A limited edition of 600 prints with 25 artist's proofs; each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.


The Apprentice by Robert Hickman

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